Mystery source


We’ve run a few webinars so far and are using partnerref to track our sources. So far, it’s working great with the exception of a mystery source. Each time, we have had a source show up that is a variation of random letters (most recently, EfbduCbff). Has anyone else seen this or anything similar where you are getting sources you didn’t specify?


I don’t have an answer for you, but I would look at the TIME of that registration to see if it provides any sort of clue, or anything else common among those registrations that might lead you to a theory you could examine more closely.

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@kate.3 I am getting the same thing, fafcebfcfdg4 is showing as a random source. Did you ever figure anything out on it? I put in a support ticket and they are looking into it. I will keep you posted!

@jocelyn.robertson @kate.3 We’re going to look into this! Would you be able to direct message me those events where you saw the errors (event IDs most helpful)? We want to get to the bottom of it!